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Purpose & Values

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Our Vision

Our vision is to deliver top investment performance and become the preferred provider of investment management solutions in Namibia by 2025.

Our Mission

To grow the wealth of local and international investors through active portfolio management and help our clients reach their financial goals.

• Fear of God

We believe in God and our Lord Jesus Christ and are guided by His Word and Commands. To fear God is not to be scared of Him but rather to honour, respect, value, and stand in for Him more than anything or anyone else.

• Teamwork

We strive to create a supportive and harmonised working environment to achieve mutually beneficial results.

• Integrity

At all times we act with accountability, transparency and honesty whilst upholding the highest ethical standards.

• Excellence

We strive to excel in every aspect of the business by providing quality high-quality service in a professional manner.

• Commitment

We are dedicated to providing our customers and stakeholders with exceptional services.

• Innovation

We encourage knowledge and creativity to drive innovative solutions.